Aircraft Covers

Lowlandcustom produces a state of the art small aircraft covers,
designed to protect from the weather, UV exposure, dust, moisture, and hangar damage.

Our Main Material Is Tyvek®

Extremely strong, yet very light. Watertight, yet vapor-open. Chemically resistant, yet chemically inert.

  • Protection from UV-radiation, dirt, hail, and heat
  • Maintenance of the value
  • Save your expensive rent for a hangar
  • Protection of your Cockpit and Instruments from heat
  • Made to measure covers perfect fitting
  • Increase in the performance and reduction of fuel consumption
  • Uncomplicated and practical handling
  • First-class maintenance and customer service
  • More time for flying!!!
  • Long life of your cover

We are open for partnership

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Motorcycle Seats Custom made by LLC

We produce seats of unique designs from the highest quality materials.
We sculpt motorcycle seats to fit individual riders. We lower, raise, narrow or widen seats so everything feels just right. We install gel in your seat or memory foam to maximize your driving comfort.

How our work process flow

Contact Us

Be free to contact us for any questions or demands by email, phone, or social networks.

Creating Ideas

We have over 20 years of experience in custom designs for both commercial and private aircraft.
Tell us your idea, and together we will find a solution for every challenge.

Making Product

We will make for you custom covers measured to perfect fitting.
Also, we will create for you uncomplicated packing, with the bags sewed directly to the cover.


If we already made the cover for the type of aircraft that you want we can send you your cover in a period of few days.
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